Dachshund Delights began as a gift catalog for dachshund owners in October of 1991...in the days when "cut & paste" literally meant to cut and paste the text and images for the paper catalog and newsletter. We were the first dachshund-only catalog on the market...and we were the first online dachshund-themed business. Our online presence started before Amazon and eBay were household names.
What we learned in the early years is that while dachshund folks loved the gift items, what they really needed and wanted were products that worked for the dogs. Since 1997 when we purchased the rights from the original creator of the harness which we later renamed "The Hug-A-Dog Harness", we have served the accessory needs of the long-and-low, hard-to-fit dachshund.
We have a core team of four women. Co-owners April Scott and Joyce Tudor, who handle everything that doesn't require sewing, and two top-notch seamstresses, Helene Laird and Angie Moran, who produce our in-house products. We also have a team of six ladies who work part-time from home as needed. We have a team of two webmasters to help with content and our e-commerce site. And from time to time when needed, we have a some loyal friends who help us in our booths at some of the events we attend.
We are dedicated to providing the best-quality, best-fitting products for your dog. We pride ourselves in our workmanship and our customer service. Our prices reflect the quality of US-made goods. We are not the cheapest. "Cheap" means made in China with little thought to safety for your pet. "Cheap" means a knock-off product that may have been made in the US, but does not come with our guarantee of workmanship and service after the sale. "Cheap" means trusting your dog's safety to inferior products. We don't aim to be the cheapest. We aim to be the best. We pay our employees and contractors a fair wage so that they care about the products they manufacture. We make our products as if we were making them for our own dogs.
All of our products start off with the dachshund in mind. Once we have that down, then we modify to fit other breeds as requested. Once other breed folks started seeing dachshunds wearing our stuff, they wanted the same for their dogs. So if you have another breed of dog, no worries. We can fit that dog, too.
We are supporters of dachshund rescue. Our Harness Trade-in Program benefits foster dogs in rescue. From time to time we also transport foster dogs who need to pass through our area. We donate items to many rescue groups to use for raffles or auctions. And we do our best to network through our social media channels about dogs in need.
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