The Blanket Bed

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This bed will quickly become your dog's favorite. Plenty of soft cushioning sewn inside polar fleece with an attached blanket for burrowing under. Shaped like a doughnut with plenty of padding at the bottom of the "hole". Dog can burrow under blanket and snuggle down or can lie on top.
Size Small is approximately 20" across the top and 11" in diameter on the inside. Fits dogs up to about 12 lbs comfortably.
Size Medium is approximately 22" across the top and 13" in diameter on the inside. Fits 2 small dogs or 1 dog up to about 20 lbs comfortably.
Size Large is approximately 27" across the top and 21" in diameter on the inside. Fits 2-3 small dogs or 1 dog up to about 30 lbs comfortably. 
Size XL is approximately 32" across the top and 26" in diameter on the inside. Fits 4-5 small dogs or 1 up to about 45 lbs comfortably. 
Because the beds are soft and pliable and the amount of stuffing affects the size, the measurements listed here are approximate. 

  •   Made of polar fleece & special non-clumping polyester batting
  •   Machine Wash and dry
  •   Bed retains shape even after washing
  •   Blanket is attached, allowing dog to burrow under
  •   Extremely soft
  •   Available in 4 sizes
  •   Choose matching fleece for bed/blanket or mix colors