We generally try to stay up-to-the-minute in bringing you dachshund-related literature, but here's one that was published in August of 2011, nearly two years ago, and that, as befits a book about a short-legged dog, flew under our radar.

Mr. Lincoln Goes to Washington is written by Barbara J. Behm and illustrated by Ellen Anderson.

Set around the time of the first Obama inauguration, the book opens with four dachshunds watching TV and hearing that the new president is working on filling his Cabinet. Knowing that cabinets are generally filled with dog treats – and finding a lack of same in their own cabinet – the 'hunds choose one of their number, Mr. Lincoln by name, to head for Washington to tap into what promises to be the nation's entire supply of treats.

The rest of the brief story tells of Mr. Lincoln's trip to Washington, his attendance at the inauguration, his visit to the White House, and his happy return home.

This story should appeal to readers of all political persuasions, providing they are dachshund lovers. And you will be charmed by the lovingly rendered watercolor illustrations. Ms. Anderson knows her wiener dogs.

If you want a copy or two of Mr. Lincoln Goes to Washington for yourself and/or the young dachshund lovers in your life, you can click here to order from Amazon, or go to the book's website, mrlincolngoestowashington.com. The latter option offers freedom from shipping charges and the ability to pay by Paypal, if those are important to you.

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