We're on a new, life-changing mission here at Dachshund Delights. Not only life-changing for us, but also for homeless senior dachshunds.

Hosting seniors in foster homes is wonderful for the dogs, but because the senior dogs are slower to be adopted, they very often tie up a spot in foster care that could be filled and refilled by more easily adopted dogs. Rescue groups have only a limited number of foster homes available. When there is no room in foster care, dogs die in shelters that euthanize for space.

It is our hope and vision to create Scarlett's House, a sanctuary and hospice for senior dachshunds, to help alleviate some of the "senior burden" that rescue groups and shelters face on a daily basis. By giving a place for these deserving seniors to call home, foster home positions will be open for more easily adoptable dogs to fill and refill. Not only will Scarlett's House save the lives of homeless senior dogs (many who are dumped in kill shelters while they still have much life to live), but other dachshunds in need will have foster home spots opened up for them.

In the 21 years of business as Dachshund Delights, we have built a strong community among our customers and fans. We have seen first-hand how they come together to champion causes we carefully screen and bring to them for support.

Not only have we built a loyal and loving fan base, but our 21 years of experience in the pet industry gives us a Rolodex full of contacts, suppliers, and business relationships.

We truly feel all of our years in this business have brought us to this moment. We hope you will join us in this grand community effort to build Scarlett's House.

The Founders
April Scott, Pres. and co-founder of Dachshund Delights
Joyce Tudor, VP and co-founder of Dachshund Delights

Our Advisory Board
Annette Fisher, Founder/Director of Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary
Dona Show, Pres. of Dachshund Rescue of North America
Hope Hodges, Board Member of Dachshund Lovers of Texas
Michelle Duckworth, Founder of The Doxiefollies Villa sanctuary
Rebecca Burguess, Founder of 2 Dogs Long Dachshunds
Karen Genske, Member of Rose's Rescue
Dr. Marcia Hall, DVM
Dr. Jane Pekarek, DVM
Dr. Nan Decker, DVM
Pat Holcomb, Founder of The Comfy Canine
Patti Triola, PT, CCRT, Founder of Dogs In Motion
Jean M. Early, CPA

Inspired By
Kathleen Winter of Dachshund Rescue of Ohio, Scarlett's rescuer
Rolling Dog Farm
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
The Doxiefollies Villa
Schultz Senior Dachshund Rescue/Sanctuary
Dona Show, rescuer and placement QUEEN, Pres. of DRNA
Hope Hodges, rescuer & Board Member – Dachshund Lovers of Texas
Kim Hunter, senior & special-needs dog rescuer extraordinaire
Christine McEntyre, Founder of Diamond Dachshund Rescue of Texas and Rainbow Diamond, anti-puppymill spokesdog DIVA
Barbara Techel and Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog

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