This is going to be old news to a lot of you, but we recognize that some of you still visit our site once a month – at the beginning of the month – and don't visit our Facebook site. (Let us throw in a plug here. If you're not visiting our Facebook page, you're not where the action is. Facebook lets you interact with us and your fellow dachshund lovers, sharing observations and photos and getting your questions answered.)

On March 2, tornadoes swept the Midwest. Among the other damage wrought, the town of Holton, Indiana, was devastated. DRNA adopter and volunteer Sheryle Pickett suffered losses almost beyond imagination. She lost her home, her husband Ron and her two sweet dachsie girls, Jules & Katie. As soon as we heard, we opened a ChipIn page and started a raffle. And you, our customers, came through with help for a woman that few of you know or will ever meet. In a week, with donations and the sale of almost 5,000 raffle tickets, you helped us raise more than $13,000 to help Sheryle with the pieces of her loss that money can address.

Here's the list of raffle winners. Note the dachshund-related businesses that contributed prizes. Keep them in mind next time you have some shopping to do.

  • Maegan Kennedy: $100 gift certificate to Dachshund Delights
  • Michelle Welsh: Wiener Tales sculpture
  • Kim Schiro: 2 Dogs Long gift certificate
  • Sandra Ellis: "Scout" brand travel set from DRNA store
  • Linda Cresswell: $30 gift certificate to Pooch Tags
  • Patricia Fadool: $25 gift certificate to Starbucks
  • Mary Conover: $25 sampler set to the Cleaner Wiener Soap Co.
  • Hope Hodges: Mrs. Field Cookies 28-nibbler gift box
  • Jane Williams: $20 gift certificate from What's Up Dox
  • Jean Brewer: Retro hot dog art t-shirt from What's Up Dox
  • Tammy Brown: Frankie, the Rock N' Roll Dog book
  • Jean Early: Frankie, the Rock N' Roll Dog book
  • Kate Nielsen: Frankie, the Rock N' Roll Dog book
  • Debbie Sisson: Frankie, the Rock N' Roll Dog book
  • Susan Wasko: $10 Target gift certificate
  • Jonni Guelde: $5 Dunkin' Donuts gift certificate

We've known for a long time that our customers are great people, and you've proved it once again. We appreciate it. And Sheryle, who is slowly picking up the pieces and putting her life back together, thanks you, too.

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