In Memoriam
Helen LaBuda

Last month, dachshunds in need of rescue and fostering in Indiana lost one of the best friends they have ever had. Helen LaBuda, Indiana representative for MidWest Dachshund Rescue lost her battle with lymphoma at far too young an age.

Our favorite blog, The Long And Short Of It All, said it best: "Without her help, hundreds of Dachshunds would have perished, and would have never brought such joy to their new humans' homes and lives."

We tell you about Helen because of how much she will be missed, but we also remind you that many others in every state of the union continue the work she did so well, and that there will never be enough rescuers and foster homes for every dachshund in need. If you can't rescue, if you can't foster, if you can't adopt, please do everything you can to support those who do. Do it in memory of Helen; do it for the dogs in need. And if you need more convincing, click here to see just three of the faces that Helen helped put smiles on. Do it for them.

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