Scarlett is a longhair black and tan dapple and is our namesake for our senior sanctuary project, Scarlett's House.  Rescued from a puppy mill in early 2000 when she was about 10 months old, Scarlett came to us a poodle.  A few weeks later, Greta & Garbo were born and so was our love affair with "Doodles".  Sadly, Greta & Garbo inherited their poodle father's genetics for a bad heart and they left us for Rainbow Bridge far too soon at age 9 and 11, respectively.  Scarlett is the oldest of our pack and THE MOM over everyone else.  She is the BOSS, as long as she is at home with "her people"...but if a new situation arises, she reverts to her puppy-mill shyness and insecurities. 

Katie is a beautiful longhair b&t dapple who came from our friends at 2 Dogs Long Dachshunds in Montana. Katie is our top model for our Hug-A-Dog Harnesses and can be seen on our banners, posters, cards, etc. She is a natural-born hunter and is DEATH ON RODENTS. If she tells you there is a mouse somewhere, you had BETTER believer her! Katie is in a battle for her life right now......diagnosed with Cushings in October of 2011 and more recently with possible IBD and/or lymphectasia. We are doing everything we can to keep her quality of life until she tells us it is time to part for Rainbow Bridge. 


Spencer is Katie's brother (same parents, different litter). He is a longhair chocolate dapple, although not much dappling shows on him. Spencer is very in touch with his feminine side and loves to play dress up. He is a very vocal, not only with barking at things seen and (mostly) unseen, but he will have a conversation with you with his "talking" sounds. 


DJ is a longhair b&t piebald, also from our friends at 2 Dogs Long Dachshunds. He is a small standard and quite the dapper dude. He is very sweet and loves people of all ages, including small children. He is our IVDD success story: He has twice undergone back surgery with great success. 


Ana is a b&t wirehair, a true mini at just 10 lbs of sass. She came from Cedar Hills Dachshunds in Idaho. Both of her parents are American & Canadian champions. If she is pressed to behave in a manner she deems unnecessary, she will ask if you would like to see her pedigree papers. Her favorite thing is her "egg" --- an egg-shaped squeak toy. Whoa be the dog who crosses her path when she is guarding her egg. 


Benjamin is a red brindle wirehair and is Ana's half brother. His favorite activities are digging large holes and barking at the imaginary creatures within.....and napping. He is seen here posing in one of his favorite positions. 


Dapple is a wirehair dachshund and poodle mix, as we fondly call a Doodle. She is a rescue from Dachshund Rescue of North America
. Her name comes from her striking silver dappling. She has ninja-like skills in pouncing on and conquering her arch-nemesis, Benjamin. Her prowess was enhanced by agility classes -- or as we call them, ability classes -- giving her mountain goat-like climbing skills. 

Lacey May

Lacey May
is another Doodle (we think). She was adopted from a small poodle rescue in western Ohio. Her exact makeup is unknown, but she sure looks like all the other Doodles we have loved. She is petite and a bit shy with strangers, but at home she commands the biggest collection of toys and is near the top at being best alert dog.