There's a lot of disagreement about the origins of dog breeds, with recent research suggesting that many of the breeds we are familiar with today being much more recent than we have been led to believe.

But it's November, holiday gift-giving season is nearly upon us, so forgive us if we abandon DNA research for a little while and give free rein to whimsy.

Which brings us to the book How Dachshunds Came To Be, written by Kizzie Elizabeth Jones and illustrated by Scott Ward.

According to the book, it all started with a little girl who lived by the sea and loved the sea's creatures, but who longed for a friend that she could take home with her.
Loving her dearly, her oceanic friends decide to design a special creature just for her. Each, of course, wants one of his prime traits incorporated into the new animal, and they mostly get their wishes. There's even some deal-making and compromising – are you listening, you members of Congress? – when the octopus wants an eight-legged animal and the fish can't see why legs are necessary at all.

You can see where this is heading, of course, but you and the children on your gift list will be amused to see how aquatic traits can be combined to produce a dachshund.

This is a fun little book, and you can order your copy from Amazon by clicking here.

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