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Susanna S. says, "I just placed an online order for a vest. It's the 5th I have ordered. They are great & very durable. Thought you might be interested in knowing that the mesh is so strong it may have saved our dog's life."

"I'm enclosing a photo. Soon after I took the picture, the dog sitting on my husband's lap was viciously attacked by another dog. Unprovoked, the terrier clamped down on Ricky's neck and shook him violently. I thought I was going to see him killed in front of my eyes. Thank goodness we were able to get the dog to let him go. Ricky is fine; the fabric is shredded in one spot, but the mesh wasn't damaged at all."

Amelia W. says, "Ollie and Max's first time being in their take-a-long bag! I'd say they are pretty content! Ollie fell asleep and Max is get drowsy!"

Mary S. says, "I had to send you a picture of my 2-year-old dachsie Honey and my oldest daughter. Honey looks so cute in her Heart print Snap-A-Danna!!!"

See the rest of her comments on our Customer Comments page.
No, the harness in that picture on the top is not a standard fabric. But when we got the special request, we couldn't resist.

"Don't you think she's beautiful?" Mary C asked about her girl, Brandy. We surely do.
Just as a change of pace, how about a DreamSack photo? Mocha's mom, Julie, says that it's where nine-year-old Mocha likes to hang out.

Peanut is a Minnesota Vikings fan, and he doesn't mind using his harness to let the world know about it.
Sometimes people don't believe us when we say that we make harnesses to fit every size dog. This dog was so big that his owner – Robin L. – couldn't even get all of him in the picture.

Mulligan likes his harness, but with winter coming on in his native Maine, he prefers to snuggle in clothes fresh out of the dryer.
Calie shows off her special, one-of-a-kind harness. It's our standard mesh, with a skirt-like frill to show what a pretty girl she is.

Lucy is ready to wear her chili pepper harness for a trip to New Mexico.
Mon Cherie models the harness dress she got as a present for her ninth birthday.

Duchess decided to get a paisley harness, because she only wears her leopard print number when she's "in the wilderness."
Ten-year-old Roo just got her first harness, featuring her hero, Joe (Snoopy) Cool.

Here's Meme, another model for our fall line of couture. Like Daisy (two rows below), she's the envy of all who see her.
Many people think that tofu is pale and bland. No one thinks that about handsome Tofu the Dachshund.

Here are Daisy (on the left) and Copper. Daisy likes the ruffle we added to her harness.

Back in early 2004, when we opened our gallery here, JennyB the beagle was one of the first dogs to be displayed. We're happy to report that she's still going strong and is modeling her brand new harness for us. Her brother Bandit also got a new harness. Bandit is a real dachshund; you can see his nose poking into the bottom of the frame on JennyB's photo.

This is Buddy. He was attacked a 2 pit bulls, and his throat/chest area was still healing and tender, so he couldn't wear a regular collar. We made him a special harness that would not irritate the healing wounds.
After we went to the annual wiener dog races in Buda, TX, in April of 2007, Courtney A. sent us this picture and wrote, "We've been fans of the Hug-A-Dog for a long time and were at Buda this weekend staffing the Central Texas Dachshund Rescue booth. We decided that we must get matching new harnesses for our boys, as we had just adopted our newest dog, Fred, from CTDR and were one short. Here is a pic to show how happy they are to wear them! Thor (Dr. Thorester Hurley Funkenstein) is the big standard black and tan. He is 3 and was adopted from CTDR in 2006. Fred (Baron Friedrich von Ballhopper) is the red dapple in the middle and he is 6. Napoleon (Napoleon Dynamite) is the other black and tan in the black/orange harness. He is 2 years old."

Pugs Galore! Here are some rascals we met (and fit for new duds) at the Pug Rescue Network picnic in Clawson, MI, in May of 2007.


Jackie is a jaunty Jack Russell. She wears her harness to go tooling around the town.

Kya (four rows down) was the first Coton de Tulear to appear in our gallery, and this is her best friend, Mon Cherie. Heidi, Mon Cherie's owner, tells us "MC received her harness just a few days ago. I am very pleased with it.  It does not cause matting on her long coat. And everybody admires how fashionable she looks." She certainly does.
In this photo, sweet Heidi, of Fruit Grove, FL, is wearing her new harness to celebrate her first birthday.

Leo and Fritizie Whitmore live in New Jersey. They wanted you to see how they looked in their favorite harnesses last summer.
Back in October, we published a photo of this quartet of handsome 'hunds from Oldham, UK. Here they are again, modeling their new fabric harnesses. From left to right are Saffron, (green trim), Sam (blue trim), Solo (red trim) and Polly (yellow trim).

Kya is the first Coton de Tulear to appear in our gallery, and we're happy to welcome her. You might want to visit her Web home at to see more pictures of her, not to mention her sweet pups.
Payton's buddy Duchess already has her picture on this page (six rows down), so there's no possible way we could ignore this handsome fellow.

Through the good work of Dachshund Rescue of North America, little Heidi Jo has a new home. And she went to it wearing a new harness.
Oscar takes a moment to model his new black-on-black model with reflective tape trim. His mom, Rachel, says it fits just right. She might have added that he is quite the handsome fellow.

We so seldom see a photo with all three coat types represented that we just had to publish both pictures that Jean sent. The smooth is Sam and the wire is Saffron. As for the longhairs, the black and tan is Polly, who is mother to the silver dapple, Solo. Jean is from Oldham, in the north of England, near Manchester. These photos were taken on holiday in Scotland.
Here are Shayla, Shandy and Brandi, from Grand Island, Nebraska. The picture was taken in 2005, and Shayla has since gone on to the Rainbow Bridge. She was clearly a beautiful girl.

Here is Bentely running with his favorite toy through the park sporting his paw-print Hug-a-Dog harness.
Duchess models a harness made from material sent in by her mom.

This is Spike. His Flames harness reflects the fact that he was Born To Be Wild.
This is Poquita, the first Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix we've had on these pages, and she's ready to go RVing with her mom and dad, Judy and Bud. They assure us that she is tethered to the frame and won't go flying in the event of a sudden stop.

Some say that Italian Greyhounds are hard to fit, but we love to work with them, especially if there are as good-looking as Jada here. Jada's mom says the new harness fits just fine.
Displaying their good-dogs-secured-in-the-car behavior are, from top to bottom, Roxie, Addison and Bean.

With his new all-black harness with the extra D-ring, Clancy feels just like a biker dude. His folks assure us that the closest he comes to a hog is when they let him have a piece of bacon.

Every now and then, we have to remind you that Hug-A-Dog harnesses are for big dogs, too. Here to help us with that chore are Summa-Thyme the Rottskey (Rottweiller-Huskey mix) in the blue harness and Valley-Girl the Greyweiller (Greyhound-Rottweiller mix) in the purple harness.

Tanner (black and tan) and Tucker (red) love their new harnesses. When it's time for them to go out, they go and stand patiently by where the harnesses are kept.

Little Sassy lives with a family involved in rescue. She loves the harness/skirt combo we made for her.

Sara (on top) and Tucker had just come back from a long walk in their new harnesses when their mom snapped their pictures. Both are from 2 Dogs Long. Sara models a DreamSack in our new catalog. Don't have our new catalog?! Contact us for one.
This picture proves that our harnesses are adaptable to a wide variety of customers. We met this fellow at an expo in Columbus, Ohio, and were able (very carefully) to fit him.

Gaberdeenie Weenie is doing some undercover work in a local pasture and wants to blend in with the locals. One way or the other, we're sure you'll agree that the Holstein harness is a good match for the little sweetie's natural good looks.
Five-year-old Bounder and six-year-old Missy know that when their harnesses are brought out, it's time for either a walk or a camping trip.

Here are some satisfied customer whose names we don't know. We fitted them with their new harnesses at a show in Michigan in November of 2005.

Meet Mika. Her mom says that even though she doesn't care for wearing clothes, she doesn't protest the harness or try to get it off. When she sees the harness, she knows that it's time for a walk!

Amy is two years old on Christmas Eve, 2005. We are honored that she has chosen to celebrate the day by sending us some photos of herself in her harness.
His mom, Jane, tells us that Roscoe looks very handsome in his harness. We find this statement to be beyond dispute

Bella means beautiful in Italian, and this Bella is a beautiful six-month-old mini. Her mom, Kelli, says that Bella loves her harness because she knows that when it's put on her, it's time to play.
This is Bailey, modeling his very first Hug-A-Dog Harness, and looking quite good in it. Look for him as a Dachshund Of The Month soon.

Tasha lives in New York City and owns two harnesses. The basic black is good for everyday wear in the city, except for colorful days, when she wears black with purple trim. She also wears her harness at the beach in North Carolina and Maine.
Mistylee is all strapped in for a safe and comfortable ride.
Gemma is a 2½-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Her mom describes her as a "satisfied spaniel," and it's clear that the Hug-A-Dog Harness adds a note of confidence and poise to her natural good looks.
Karen Hill, his mom, would probably agree that Elvis is much more than a hound dog. He certainly looks like a King in his harness.
Schnitzel and Clementine love their harnesses so much that they will wink at you if you click the small picture of them to the left.
Dyallen Efendi tells us that her kids Scooter (red) and Mocha (black dapple) got their harnesses from a friend. Like us, Scooter and Mocha agree that harnesses make great gifts for any occasion.
Sam Francisco loves his harness because he knows that when it is put on him, he's going out for an adventure. His mom, Karina, of Odessa TX, loves it because it gives her peace of mind when she takes Sam out in the car. And we love the fact that they sent in this picture of the handsome fellow.
Smudge, who lives with Pat Cate of Hooksett NH,  is part of our quality control program for Hug-A-Dog harnesses. We send new models to Smudge. If Smudge can't destroy them, chances are that your dog can't either.
Cricket is a 10 month old silver dapple dachsie.  Her Mom and Dad, W.C. & Cerese Sweeley of Ocoee, Florida received her Patriotic Harness and Cricket had to put it on right away so she could  prance around  the neighborhood showing off her new Hug-A-Dog Harness to everyone who stopped to admire.
That's Mimi (on the left) and Itty Bitty in the bottom part of the photo and Mimi alone on the top. Both come from Becky Burguess' 2DogsLong kennel, which means they've been bred and raised with love and care.
Here's Olive with her dad. Her mom, Jill, reports "I can tell she thinks she's really it when she has her harness on. We're thinking about ordering a Hot Pink one for next summer when we take her to the beach for the first time. Maybe I can get a hot pink swimsuit too! Won't we look special walking down the beach together! "
Rooby, of Rockwall TX, is a sweetie born, appropriately, on Valentine's Day (of 1999). Her mom reports that Rooby, shown here chilling out, wears her Hug-A-Dog harness with pride.
Nine-week-old Nutmeg models her first harness, and it's hard to imagine a sweeter pup. She belongs to Susan Chute and Kathleen Hocevar of Cleveland.
oscarthefiercewarriorhund.jpg (31428 bytes) Oscar, The Fierce Warrior Hund, is a long-standing friend of ours, and, as you can see, quite a handsome fellow. He is one of our best customers, because if he isn't wearing his harness, he will sometimes use it as a between-meals snack. (You kids don't try that at home.) Nonetheless, his mom Jean and his dad Richard love him dearly.
nathan-harness.jpg (25844 bytes) According to his Mom, Lark, Nathan, of Altamonte Springs FL, loves his harness, and she thinks it's better and easier to use than other harnesses. Thanks to both Nathan and Lark.

misslili.jpg (49238 bytes)

Miss Lili lives in Ensenada, B.C. Mexico. Her mom, Dianne, reports that Lili wears her harness with pride and that "she thinks it's her swimsuit as she proudly wears it to the beach and into the ocean where she loves to swim and surf!"

oliver.jpg (9259 bytes)

sassymarie.jpg (17784 bytes)

Oliver (top) and Sassy Marie (bottom) live in the beautiful Napa Valley of California with their mom, Janet. Janet reports that she is a big promoter of the harnesses and tells everyone who admires them where to get one. Thanks, Janet!

Janet runs a site called DachsieHeaven — Our Best Friends that you will want to visit.

threerumps.jpg (75167 bytes)

Here are front and back views of Pepe (upper left in the first picture), Opie (lower left in the first picture) and Shelly (right in the first picture), three happy, new customers. Their pictures were sent to us by Jean Horne, of Knoxville, Tennessee.

dickdoof1.jpg (26587 bytes)

dickdoof2.jpg (21030 bytes)

Dick and Doof are the constant companions of Betsy Barca. We published her story a few years ago, but those of you who missed it should know that an auto accident that destroyed her car and left her chair bound spared her two dachshunds, because they were wearing their harnesses, attached to seat belts.

jennyb.JPG (23167 bytes)

Not all of our customers are dachshunds, of course. Here' s JennyB, the Beagle.

wilson1.jpg (24451 bytes)

wilson2.jpg (22434 bytes)

Handsome Mr. Wilson shares his dwellings with Ellen McManus, who works with Almost Home Rescue.

Ann sent in thee photos of Lucie De Nicolet from Montreal. We couldn't decide which one to use, so you get to see them all.
Miracle was only ten weeks old when this photo was taken. Thanks to Erin for the photo.

Ernie is currently at Kathleen's Wild Wiener Ranch, but he hopes to be adopted soon, so that his new family can take him walking in the harness that Kathleen sends with each adopted dog.
Four-month-old Lucy Ellison lives in nearby Masillon, Ohio. Thanks to her mom, Joanne, for the photo.

This is Otis. His friend John reports that they live in the Boston area and often travel to Manchester NH. Otis wears his harness on each trip. We see him here in Portsmouth NH.
Sprinky's photo comes to us all the way from Singapore. Thanks to Sann Ching for sharing a picture of this handsome two-year old.

Gigi, from Seattle, was just four months old when she modeled her harness for us. Her mom, Jennifer, reports that Gigi gets compliments everyplace she goes with her harness, although we strongly suspect that such a sweet pup would get compliments in any case.

Loretta is such a beautiful girl that we can't help publishing two pictures of her, one in new harness and one in her DreamSack.

This is Yuki the Chihuahua. Before he was adopted by his current family, he was hit by a truck and lost one of his back legs. But his current mom, Debra, says that he has a very muscular chest that is perfectly fit by his custom-made harness. Thanks, Debra.

This is Ruby, companion to Bill and Becky Burguess of 2 Dogs Long and the daughter of our Webmaster's Clancy.

Here are some of the dogs we've met and outfitted at the many shows we've been at over the last few months.
Emily Rose (the black and tan) and Simon hail from Maine. Through their Mom, Julie, they report "We love our harnesses!  They're so much more comfortable and secure!"

That's Missy (above) and Zeke (who was recently adopted from the Central Texas Dachshund Rescue, an excellent group.) Their mom, Lori Payne, tells us they love their Hug-A-Dog harnesses, which is music to our ears.
This is Duffy. He belongs to Nancy Alden, DJ on Cleveland's WDOK, 102.1 FM. We listen to her every day, and we were able to fit Duffy for a harness in the torrential rains that accompanied 2003's benefit dog walk for the Cleveland Animal Protective League.

In alphabetical order from top to bottom, that's Ellie, Sophie and Zach to the left. Buffy Hamilton reports that all of them (especially Ellie) love to strut their stuff in their harnesses.
Here's a beautifully posed photo of Oskar, of Boston. Heidi, his mom, admits that he can be a naughty boy in the car, but his harness keeps him from jumping into the driver's lap.
Diva is a lucky dog. She was a rescue, and now she has a loving family and three canine siblings. She is eager to see her new world, but her harness prevents her from getting hurt while she checks out the sights. Thanks to Erica for the photo.
Don't let the size fool you. His name is Samson, and his harness gives him the strength of ten.
Harley hails from San Antonio, and his mom, Pamela, reports that this isn't his first Web appearance in his patriotic harness. He was also featured on the intranet of the company where Pamela works.
This is what we really love to see. An entire herd of dachshunds in patriotic harnesses. Thanks to Pat Cate of Hooksett NH for the great picture.

Brandy and Amy live in Homestead, Florida. Amy (on the bottom) had her picture taken just three days after she was spayed, and it looks like she came through the surgery with flying colors.

These two camera-shy boys are Oscar (on the top) and Otto. They have a sister named Rikka, but she won't appear here right away. We're saving her picture for a future edition of our Dachshund Of The Month page.
Here's the note we got with this sweet picture: "Hi My name is Kipper and I live in Manassas, VA. I am 6 months old and have a brother named Schatz who has at least 5 Hug-A-Dox harnesses. This is my first harness and I think I look pretty cute in it!"

The subject of this study in light and shadow is Samson, a sophisticated fellow who is six years old and lives in New York City.
We say hello to Figaro, a jaunty Norwich from San Francisco. He asks that if you see him on the streets there that you stop and say hello.

This is Lyly. Reports her mom, Sandra, "I adopted her just one year ago, at age 6. She had been with one family her entire life from birth. The family was Vietnamese, and I found out just recently that "ly" is a Vietnamese noun for "millimeter; or little bit" which is just adorable, as she is a miniature! Hence, Lyly (which we Americanized to Lily in pronunciation)."
On the left is Willie Mac (2½) and on the right is Max (1). They are enjoying the shade and modeling their new harnesses before their daily walk. Thanks to Steve and Jackie Williams of Indianapolis, IN, for the picture.

Lucy adds a continental flare to our gallery, living as she does in Germany, where she shares her home with Ulrike and Hendrick Foken. Her roots, however, are back in the USA, at 2 Dogs Long Dachshunds, in Power, Montana.
Bob Barker gets excited when his harness comes out, because he knows it means he gets to go somewhere.

Here are two more Min Pins, Keiko and Ally. Their owner reminds us that Min Pins have Dachshunds in their heritage.
Matisse is a large and sturdy fellow who looks great in his harness.

Tammy and Oliver hail from Canada. Tammy, the longhair, was a puppy mill rescue, saved by the good people at Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue.

This is Casey, a handsome pup who does his harness proud.

Kelsie the Min Pin visits us when we are at the Pet Expo in Edison, New Jersey. We're always happy to see this handsome fellow, especially since he looks so good in his Hug-A-Dog Harnesses. Kelsie would love you to visit his Web site at
What are the odds of getting pictures of dachshunds named Lucy coming from Florida within days of each other? Well, it happened. Here you see Mandy, Lucy and Bella. Reports Pauline, of Orlando, reports that "in spite of a cold day for Florida we went out for our first walk. People actually slowed their cars on a busy road to look at these 3 beauties walking so proud in their new outfits."

Lucy hails from Masillon, Ohio, near Dachshund Delights Headquarters. This photo, however, was taken in the car as she headed for her winter vacation in Florida. She's missing all the snow and all the cold and all the fun.
Mary and Martha come from 2 Dogs Long, as do so many fine dogs. Says their Mom, Tina, "They love their new harnesses! Mary is petite and lights up when I put it on her, I just know she was a fashion queen in another life! Martha is a rebel and the hot flames fit her perfectly."

Ruthanne Williams writes: "We bought a Hug-A-Dog harness from you almost a year and a half ago, and it is still going strong.  Our Sammy wears it on two ½ hour walks every weekday plus many strenuous hikes on weekends!  It gives me such peace of mind to know that even if Sammy lunges at the occasional squirrel or bicyclist, he no longer yanks his little neck. Other dog moms often ask me about Sammy's harness and I always refer them to your web site.  I believe he is calmer when he wears the harness as well.  Perhaps he finds it comforting. I have attached a photo of Sammy wearing his harness and kissing his Daddy, David Roussel.  I bet Sammy is saying, "Thank you Daddy for taking such good care of me!"

 Thanks, Ruthanne.

Here are Archie (black and tan) and Katie in Thermapolis, Wyoming, on the vacation trip they took to South Dakota with their mom, Veronika. Katie is wearing big brother Archie's handa-me-down first harness, since it was still good. Veronika tells us that she gives our Web address to the many people who ask about the harnesses. Thank you, Veronika.

L. Ingram tells us that Madison, a miniature poodle, draws many comments when he walks the streets of New York City in the finery she got from us. If we can make it there, we'll make it anywhere.
Velvet is a 15-year-old cocker spaniel who lives with Angie, one of our seamstresses.