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Dachshund Delights has served 'hundophiles

from all over the world since 1991.

We're the oldest dachshund-related business you will find.


Our Board of Directors consists of seven active directors and seven directors emeritus:

bullet Scarlett (silver dapple longhaired female)
bullet Katie (silver dapple longhaired female
bullet Spencer (chocolate and tan longhaired male
bullet Garbo (doodle)
bullet Ana ( black and tan wirehaired female)
bullet Benjamin (red brindle wirehaired male)
bullet DJ (piebald longhaired male)
bullet The last seven of our directors are watching over us from the Rainbow Bridge. Stubby (silver dapple longhaired female) will live forever in the hearts of all of us who loved her, as will Peewee (black and tan smooth female), Domino (black and tan piebald longhaired male), Oliver (silver dapple smooth male), Matti (black and tan longhaired female), Greta (doodle) and the incomparable Rhett the Dude (black and tan longhaired male)


From left to right on the Dachshund Delights office couch (which the humans never get a chance to use) are Oliver, Matti, Peewee, Stubby and Rhett.



Greta And Garbo







We are a family-run business, and we consider all of you part of our "dachsie family." We welcome your comments, suggestions, and stories about your own dachshunds. We emphasize personal service and care given to each order – trademarked by an occasional hand-written note or perhaps a goody for your dachshund thrown in.


We have had the pleasure of meeting many doxie fans at specialty shows, picnics, and conventions. We have shared with many the joys of a new puppy, laughed at the antics of doxies of all ages, and we have cried with some who have lost a beloved four-legged friend and family member.


We look forward to hearing from you and the dachshunds who own you!