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Hug-A-Dog Harness® in Fabric & Mesh

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Hug-A-Dog Harness® in Fabric & Mesh
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This model of the popular Hug-A-Dog Harness® is made with the mesh fabric of our regular harness with an added overlay of your choice of fabric.  The same functional features of the mesh harness with added flair!
The Hug-A-Dog Harness® is a form-fitting walking harness that is easy on the dog and the owner. Made of durable, cool, poly-knit mesh as the body of the harness with a cotton or cotton-poly fabric overlay. Easy to put on with hook & loop closures (like Velcro®) at the chest and below the neck. A plastic, side-release snap is added to the neck closure for additional security. No straps to get tangled or to cut under armpits. No rubbing or choking. The location of the D-ring and helps to transfer pulling pressure to chest area. Machine wash & dry. 

The Hug-A-Dog Harness® is the original vest-style harness. If the label doesn't say Hug-A-Dog, it's just a copycat!

Priced from $37.95-$78.95.

The Hug-A-Dog Harness® is not just for dachshunds -- we can fit ANY BREED!
CLICK HERE to see a gallery of photos from happy customers!

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  • Reflective Tape 
  • Extra D-ring for pet's ID tags 
  • Embroidered Name and Phone #   

All Hug-A-Dog Harnesses® are custom-made. Because of the popularity of these harnesses, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Rating Only harness we use
Our recent purchase of a Hug A Dog Harness is just as great as the previous. They are so strong and so well made. They are the only harness we use.
  Reviewed by:   from 10 Ollave Circuit, Aveley ,Western Australia. on 9/4/2017
Rating 3 harnesses
Very excited to have 3 quality made harnesses for our 3 dachshunds. We are satisfied n delighted!
  Reviewed by:   from Iowa. on 8/16/2017
Rating Our 5th harness
We have been using the Hug-A-Dog Harnesses for many years on many Dachshunds and 2 Jack Russell Terriers. They have held up great.
  Reviewed by:   from Gig Harbor, WA. on 7/6/2017
Rating Amazing!
My dog Reese resisted putting on her harness in the past, until I bought this one. Now, she stands patiently at the door and waits for me to put it on her. The bonus is I no longer worry she's going to wriggle out. Awesome harness! We'll be back to order more.
  Reviewed by:   from Dallas, Texas. on 6/29/2017
Rating The best harness we have ever had for our Dachies
I ordered two "made to measure" hug-a-dog harnesses for our minnie dachshunds. They have never had such a comfortable harness before, they are a perfect snug fit. The quality of the product is excellent and with so many options to choose from, it is such a great service. And they made it all the way to New Zealand.
  Reviewed by:   from New Zealand. on 6/11/2017
Rating Great product!
I ordered this for my dog after trying almost every kind of halter that's available in the stores. She would escape from them causing us to look like crazy people trying to catch her! This is THE only harness I'm buying from now on. Very well made and Jesse looks very pretty in her new harness. Thank you!!!
  Reviewed by:   from Indiana. on 6/10/2017
Rating Great product!
Fits my dog, Rudy, like a glove! Timely turnaround and high quality. This is his second harness; very cute.
  Reviewed by:   from Buffalo. on 6/6/2017
Rating MS
Good fit. Well made.
  Reviewed by:   from Iowa. on 6/2/2017
I ordered this harness for my miniature dachshund after trying every harness I could find in Petsmart. All other harnesses cut my pup under the arms. This one is PERFECT! It is comfortable for him with no rubbing in any area & makes me feel so much better when he tugs during walks because it isn't pulling on his neck. I would buy another one in a heartbeat! Very pleased with my order! Highly recommend getting one if you have a dachshund.
  Reviewed by:   from Palm Coast, FL. on 5/16/2017
Rating Hug a Dog Harness
I purchased a harness for my new Doxie Burton because Stowe loved hers so much. Durable easy to clean and easy to put on when they are going crazy at the door for their walk. Would highly recommend and cant imagine my babies ever wearing any other harness. thank you from Julie, Stowe and Burton
  Reviewed by:   from Brick. on 4/24/2017
Rating Hug a Harness is great!
This is the second hug a harness I purchased. Very high quality. Great for use on walks v. a traditional harness which doesn't fit the Doxie chest anyway. Also works great for car rides. The seat belt fits right through the loop and Josie is buckled right in. It's also a handle for picking her up as she weighs in at a svelte 10 pounds! Highly recommend! Great customer Service!
  Reviewed by:   from Tennessee. on 4/10/2017
Rating Comfort, Style, Durability!
I have two dachshunds, and they have used the same Hug-A-Dog Harnesses for 10 years! They slip over their heads in a second, we customize comfort with the velcro around the chest, and they look SUPER cute. We have clipped a light onto the ring between their shoulder blades for added safety. We throw the harnesses into a cold water machine wash when dirty, and think they are an AMAZING value. So, recently we realized that Daisy (She's 11) needed a little more room for her expanded waistline, and ordered a new harness. It's the best investment for fun walks. One time, when a loose dog raced towards us, I literally lifted and swung Louie (He's 10) into the air. He was saved from an attack, and it didn't harm him in any way. Can't recommend these harnesses enough.
  Reviewed by:   from Miami, FL. on 3/17/2017
Rating Great!!!
Perfect fit. Brutus looks so sharp in this harness. Very well made.
  Reviewed by:   from Butler, Pa.. on 1/24/2017
Rating Excellent product
We have now ordered two of these harnesses, one for each of our little guys. They work out great, are easy to get on and off of the little ones, and are very well made. The custom fit provides a snug feeling and they look awesome. I would recommend!
  Reviewed by:   from West Chester. on 12/22/2016
Rating Cheery Flannel Harness
I love my dog's colorful, cheerful flannel harness. I started using these harnesses because they're tailored specifically to your dogs measurements, making it hard for my little Houdini to slip out of them. And I love that there are so many pattern choices, makes my little girl's harness more unique! And I particularly like the flannel version for the cold winter weather. Thank you Hug-A-Dog!
  Reviewed by:   from New York. on 12/15/2016
Rating So wonderful!
I purchased 2 of these Hug-a-dog harnesses for our Cavaliers. It was a pleasure dealing with this company. She even called me to verify what kind of D ring would be needed for their size. Our cavaliers love to go for walks and we were going to have a sitter come in as we went away for a week. I was right that it was much easier to take them for a walk with the new harnesses. The boys just love to have them on because they fit so well and are very comfortable. Morrie and Mikki highly recommend them. The hug-a-dog harnesses are well worth the money spent. I can tell they will last a long time.
  Reviewed by:   from Pennsburg. on 10/31/2016
Rating camoflauge
This is way cool!! wanted something different and absolutely love it!! Keep up the good work, these harnesses are AWESOME!!!
  Reviewed by:   from ohio. on 10/30/2016
Rating 5th harness
Gretel is my fifth dachshund and she recently got her harness for her first birthday. All my dachshunds have had them and they are so wonderful. I can confidently take them walking knowing that they are both comfortable and safe.
  Reviewed by:   from Australia. on 9/8/2016
Rating Love these vests!
Rosebud and Beasley (our mini doxies) needed replacement vests--not because the old ones were worn out-but to update-they needed bigger vests! I measured and ordered. The ever vigilant staff noticed one of my measurements didn't seem correct so they called and clarified. They were right! When they arrived (quickly!)the vests were gorgeous and fit perfectly. Anyone who sees the dogs with their vests comments and wants to know where they can be purchased--even our vet! Can't say enough about the quality, speed, personal attention and overall satisfaction with this company! Thank you!
  Reviewed by:   from Maryland. on 9/5/2016
Rating Hug -A-Dog Harness
I just purchased a replacement Hug-A-Dog Harness for my mini dachshund Sadie. Sadie has been using her harness for almost 5 years now and I thought it might be time for a new one! ( I will return her used one to Dachshund Delights as there is still much use left in the harness and they donate to rescue pups!)I have 2 mini dachshunds and would not think of using any other harnesses on them! ( I have tried a cheaper brand years ago. It did not hold up for long!) These harnesses are worth the price and keep the dachshunds backs safe and supported. I take my dachshunds for a walk almost every day!
  Reviewed by:   from Bel Air, MD. on 8/15/2016
Rating Great harness
I had purchased harnesses for both our Cairn terriers from you and loved them, so when we got our Westie puppy, I definitely wanted one for her when we started her on walks. She initially was startled by the Velcro, but now she knows it's walk time when I get the harness out. She's growing fast, so I may have to buy another one until she grows into the big girl ones I already have!!
  Reviewed by:   from Colorado Springs, CO. on 8/12/2016
Rating I love these harnesses!
I bought just about every commercially made harness available and nothing fit my dachshunds quite right. These are well made, sturdy, and are always a perfect fit. Thank you so much!
  Reviewed by:   from Massachusetts. on 7/19/2016
Rating Ms.
Ordered two harnesses recently, one for my now full grown pup and one to replace my older dog's current hug a dog. They love them! My older doxie had his previous hug a dog harness for 8 years! It really held up to all of his adventures and the new ones look like even better quality and more durable so I can't wait to see how these last! Thank you so much!
  Reviewed by:   from Florida. on 7/3/2016
Rating Mrs
Very happy with my purchase. I love that it is adjustable and it fits my little man perfectly. The pattern is gorgeous and the embroided name and phone number is very professional. Would definitely recommend this product and would buy from you again.
  Reviewed by:   from Australia. on 6/27/2016
Rating Mrs
Very happy with my purchase. I love that it is adjustable and it fits my little man perfectly. The pattern is gorgeous and the embroided name and phone number is very professional. Would definitely recommend this product and would buy from you again.
  Reviewed by:   from Australia. on 6/27/2016
Rating Birmingham Nana
This is the second harness I have bought. They are made well and my dogs don't have a problem wearing them. One of my doxies wears his all the time! I would definitely recommend this produce to anyone who had Doxies.
  Reviewed by:   from Birmingham Alabama. on 4/9/2016
Rating Doxie and Jack Russell /Corgi mix
The harness fit perfect for both of my dogs and I feel 100% safe knowing that they are wearing custom made harnesses that actually fit them properly. Sure they cost a bit more, but I had bought three other ones that broke, so in the long run it's just best to go with the best first! My dogs get super excited when I pull out the leash and you could tell they are comfortable. Plus the custom design adds a little flair!
  Reviewed by:   from Los Angeles. on 1/8/2016
Rating Beautiful, as usual
Buddy's new "vests" are beautiful, as always. He's worn them for years now. I love the variety of fabrics that you offer.
  Reviewed by:   from Blairsville, GA. on 12/2/2015
Rating Great!
This is our second purchase. We bought the first one a couple of years ago and it is still in great condition! The hug-a-dog harnesses are the best for our mini dachshunds! We always get lots of compliments! Thank you!
  Reviewed by:   from FL. on 10/29/2015
Rating Dear Dachshund Delights team,
When I first got Corky 5 years ago I found the Hug A Dog Harness at a local pet store. I fell in love with it and was very unhappy when the store ceased carrying them. For the past 4 years I've made due with other types of harnesses but was never as happy with them. One evening I got the bright idea to google Hug-A-Dog harness and was delighted to find your website. Walking Corky is much simpler and I am not worried about pulling on his neck. Everyone compliments his fancy walking vest. We have 2 - a red bandanna print for the Cincinnati Reds and an orange bandanna print to support the Cincinnati Bengals. Keep up the good work.
  Reviewed by:   from Cincinnati, OH. on 10/21/2015
Rating Hug-A-Dog-Harness in Fabric & Mesh
This is a well-made, comfortable harness for our long-bodied, short-legged furry friends! Fits our girl very well!
  Reviewed by:   from PA. on 10/20/2015
Rating BEST HARNESS for a Dachshund!
I have used the hug-A-Dog from Dachshund Delights for many years. I used it with my first mini smooth Dachshund and it she absolutely loved it. It allowed her freedom to move and yet it was totally secure and safe and she could never escape from it. It was also durable and terrific looking. I have used it for my new Dachshund and she also loves it. It fits beautifully, looks gorgeous and everyone at Dachshund Delights were helpful and courteous and really took the time to make sure I was ordering the correct style and dimensions. I HIGHLY recommend this harness for a Dachshund. I have never found a better one and I live in NY where you see a lot of harnesses on these adorable little dogs. Thank you Dachshund Delights!
  Reviewed by:   from NYC. on 9/13/2015
Rating LOVE Hug-A-Dog Harnesses
We have a fabric hug-a-dog harness for our mini dachshund Kylie. She is a true mini weighing 8 pounds. It was often difficult to find a good harness that fit her right and did not rub her skin. Since having a custom hug-a-dog harness made, we have never had another problem. We LOVE the harness. It fits her perfect and the fabric is adorable. We get compliments everywhere we go. We like to take her with us on trips and it's nice to have a harness that we can leave on her that does not rub her skin raw. Thank you so much!
  Reviewed by:   from Barstow, Ca. on 9/2/2015
Rating Love this Harness!
I've never been able to train Watson out of pulling with collar and leash, but after her usual initial fresh air excitement, she actually walked better with this harness! I think she would forget she was on leash, which made her relax. She even seems to have done better not barking at another dog we passed. I knew the harness would good for her physical comfort, but I was not expecting behaviour modification! Five stars and highly recommended!
  Reviewed by:   from Thunder Bay, Ontario. on 8/26/2015
Rating Hug a Harness
I can't say enough good and wonderful things about this harness. Not only do I have them for my doxies I also have them on my rescue dogs as well. They fit perfectly and give all my dogs comfort of walking on a leash without having a collar around their necks. Makes for a very enjoyable walk for all of us. I would highly recommend this product to my family and friends. I never want any of my dogs to be without one. Also like that I was able to have their name and our phone number stitched right onto the harness. These harnesses are a incredible! Very happy with each and every one of them.
  Reviewed by:   from Willoughby Ohio. on 8/21/2015
Rating Hug a Dog Harness
This is the third harness that I have purchased from Dachshund Delights. My dog, Lizzie, looks so cute in it and receives lots of compliments. Best of all, it fits wonderfully and takes the strain off her back and neck when walking and stays on very well. I would not buy any other brand.
  Reviewed by:   from 4117 Fiddlesticks Drive, Lafayette, IN47909. on 8/21/2015
Rating Always Perfect
In the 13 years (so far!) of my two dachsies' lives, I've bought 8 Hug-A-Dog harnesses: 1 each for their early years -- summer, fall and winter, and, more recently, 1each again, just for fun. These harnesses are perfect for any dog, as they reduce strain on the neck, and they control pulling, as well. The designs and trims offered are varied and many, and are sure to appeal to everyone. They hold up beautifully and wash up well. Everywhere my pups go, they get compliments on their harnesses. I highly recommend them.
  Reviewed by:   from Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. on 8/12/2015
Rating Mrs
I love this harness! It fits perfectly and stays on securely. I picked the Red Cowboy fabric for our little Black and Tan guy so,when I'm putting his harness on, I call him Cowboy Rocky. :)) He loves his walks and people comment on the pretty harness.
  Reviewed by:   from Tennessee. on 8/7/2015
Rating The best harness ever, hands (paws?) down
Hug-A-Dog harnesses are the best harnesses you can buy for dachshunds. The design and custom sizing makes them fit that tubular body securely and comfortably, in a way that other harnesses just can't match because they are not designed for these unique contours! We now have one for each dog. The dogs don't object to the Hug-A-Dog harness in the least; in fact I think the snug but non-confining fit makes them feel more confident when we venture out. Frequently when we come home they seem to forget they have the harnesses on, which tell you that they have to be pretty comfortable. When taking them in the car (we have a booster seat and seatbelt strap) I feel very secure using the harness clipped to the seatbelt strap. You will not go wrong with this harness and I would not be without one for every dog.
  Reviewed by:   from Bay Area, California. on 8/4/2015
Rating Perfect and Amazing
Sophie loves to go out-to the corner, a beach vacation, or even the vet-we're going somewhere-YAY! She HATED her old harness(s) & would run from me for 10 minutes around the living room until I could get one on her. With her Hug A Dog, I just place a lightweight harness on her back-she stands and we complete the snapping in process-she barely knows she is wearing one-don't you love doxie's stubborness & "we'll do it MY way" attitude! Anyway, I could not be happier, her name and telephone number are stitched in so if she were to somehow be separated from me, who ever found her would know immediately to call. Thank You for your genius in design of product, both hardware(plastic & velcro) and the lovely fabric & colors available - I have purchased so many harnesses over the years & was so frustrated w/failure to fit I literally almost cried when we received this one. Your obvious dedication to excellence in fit and design is priceless!!
  Reviewed by:   from Asheville, North Carolina. on 8/3/2015
Rating love it
Love this harness! I have tried multiple ones prior to this one and all of them would rub my dachshund raw on his legs and underarms. He also stays with me more on walks instead trying to run out ahead. Love it!
  Reviewed by:   from Marion , ia. on 7/30/2015
Rating Awesome
This is the 3rd harness I have ordered from here and this replacement is due to weight loss! I always get compliments on this harness and I always tell them where they can get their very own! I love my harness and love the attention I get when my mom takes me out! Thanks for making me a fashion deva! Sunny
  Reviewed by:   from Alberta Canada. on 7/25/2015
Rating Ms.
I love these harnesses. They are the only ones I have found that my dachshunds cannot slip out of. They are simple to put on and very secure. Thanks so much for this wonderful product. Customer service at Dachshund Delights is also great.
  Reviewed by:   from Knoxville. on 7/8/2015
Rating Very Pleased
We purchased two harnesses for our miniature doxies and are very pleased with them! They fit our dogs perfectly and are very well made (sturdy, durable material)! I would recommend this product to anyone!
  Reviewed by:   from Hampstead, NC. on 6/20/2015
Rating Best harness for your dachshund
I have 2 miniature dachshunds and found hug-a-dog harnesses online after being unsuccessful with 3 different harnesses from other companies. The main problem I had with the other harnesses was rubbing their "armpits" and on their legs. They don't have this problem with the hug-a-dog harnesses, nor any other problem. They fit perfectly and the dogs are really comfortable in them. So happy with my purchase, will definitely repurchase in other colours. I will recommend you to all my friends who have dachshunds.
  Reviewed by:   from Ireland. on 4/15/2015
Rating Hug-A-Dog Harness in Fabric & Mesh
These harnesses are the best you can buy. We started using them about 10 years ago, after going through a number of poorly made imitations. I'd be embarrassed to say just how many we now have, but I will say that the older ones are still holding up very well. Definitely worth the money!
  Reviewed by:   from Harrisburg PA. on 3/19/2015
Rating Perfect!
Rudy had spine (neck) surgery and our vet highly recommended that we purchase this harness! This is the only one we have had where it does not pull on his neck when taking it off. It is easy to put on our shy dog and easy to take off. We love it and it looks great on him!
  Reviewed by:   from Cabin John MD. on 3/9/2015
Rating Hug A Dog Harness
As a long time customer the product is perfect and the company is one of the best in customer service. If you have a problem, they are there to help. I purchased a harness for my new dog, and then promptly ordered a second one. That speaks volumes about the quality and customer service of this company. I try to recommend them every chance I get
  Reviewed by:   from Northbrook, Illinois. on 3/6/2015
Rating LOVE These harnesses!
the first harness I purchased was years ago for my then puppy doxie. Since then, I have purchased one for my wire fox terrier and a replacement for the doxie. recently, I purchased another one for a new puppy in the house (not a doxie, though, but tiny, tiny). these are the best harnesses and way better quality and construction than anything you can find in the stores. and you get to customize them to your liking, which is excellent! I have recommended these to anyone who asked where I got them from. thank you Hug-a-dog....:)
  Reviewed by:   from Escondido CA. on 2/23/2015
Rating Moose's Hug-a-Dog
The Hug-a-Dog harness we purchased for our little Moose is perfect! The workmanship is excellent. It fits her like a glove.
  Reviewed by:   from Omaha, NE. on 2/5/2015
Rating Great Product
Purchased a Hug-A-Dog Harness for each of my two classic red, smooth hair doxie girls in patterns for the Holidays, and was very pleased with the product. They fit nicely, look great, seem comfortable for the dogs, and are sturdy enough to control my small but mighty doxies. I will definitely get more.
  Reviewed by:   from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. on 1/17/2015
Rating Hug-A-Dog Harness
I absolutely love this harness! It fits my Rupert perfectly. I have purchased many harnesses for my dachshund and this is the first one that has ever fit him. He can't get out of it and he doesn't want to! He actually loves wearing it. It's so worth every penny spent. I want to order him more in different colors. Thank you for making this awesome dachshund product. There is nothing like it on the market.
  Reviewed by:   from Tuscaloosa Al. on 11/13/2014
Rating Hug-A-Dog Harness
Super happy with the Hug-A-Dog harness. My little one Layla fits into hers perfectly! It looks awesome on her and she certainly has a little more sugar in the tank when sporting her custom harness. It is also extremely easy to put on, which for those of us who are little "harness challenged" is a good thing. Just wanted to say thanks for making a legit harness that seems like it will last forever. I'll be ordering another one as soon as my other little doxie is full grown.
  Reviewed by:   from Kentucky. on 10/12/2014
Rating Doxie Mom
I have two mini chocolate and white piebald mini doxies. The harnesses from Dachshund Delights are terrific. They are the only ones that work for my boys. They fit great, the fabrics are fun, and I can't tell you how many compliments I get. The ladies that work for DD are pretty terrific too. When I needed a harness on the fly for my puppy, they called me and shipped it out to me in less than a week. I recommend Dachshund Delights to every dog owner who asks (even some who don't)!
  Reviewed by:   from Elgin, IL. on 10/6/2014
Rating Hug A Dog Harness
I love this harness and would not consider letting my baby Shadow, wear anything else. She is a standard long hair that loves to pull and this harness controls her easily and looks so cute on her! I have so many it's hard to count and I have never been disappointed. Thank you for taking care of my baby!!
  Reviewed by:   from Indianapolis. on 10/1/2014
Rating Perfect for different breeds, too!
I ordered Hug-A-Dog harnesses for my dachshund and terrier mix dogs. Not only do they look adorable (I had a lot of fun choosing the fabric and trims!), but I know the dogs are comfortably controlled on our walks. The harnesses are beautifully constructed and sturdy. I hope we'll be using these for years to come.
  Reviewed by:   from Madison, Ohio. on 9/16/2014
Rating Ms
Very well made, fits well. Have gotten lots of compliments on the design and the cute fabric--my vet really liked it for use with doxies
  Reviewed by:   from NJ. on 9/10/2014
Rating Always the Best!
I have been a fan of your Hug-a-Dog harnesses for years. Your company never disappoints...the fit is always right, they're well made, fashionable & our doxie loves 'em. They are well worth the price. I tried another company selling similar products, and was profoundly disappointed in the fit & quality. I also had difficulty returning the merchandise. Keep up the good work! You guys ROCK!!
  Reviewed by:   from Hanover PA. on 8/22/2014
Rating Amazing
The best harness I've ever bought! Other harnesses had given my dachshund irritation under her arms. I'm waiting until my second dachshund grows up to get her one. Although, since they offer resizing for a minimal cost I might get her something that fits now and have it adjusted later.
  Reviewed by:   from Maryland. on 8/22/2014
Rating Mrs
One of the best things I have ever bought for my doxies! Highly recommend.
  Reviewed by:   from Grand Prairie TX. on 8/22/2014
Rating Mrs.
I bought the hug a dog harness for my longhaired dachshund. I love the colors and quality. I feel very secure when walking him. He looks so stylish and I know it is not hurting him on our walk. Very pleased.
  Reviewed by:   from Youngsville, LA. on 8/22/2014
Rating Hug-a-dog PERFECT
That walking harness is the only harness that my mini-dachshund will stay in. She can walk out of all the others. Perfect and very well made. Thank you Hug-A Dog.
  Reviewed by:   from Merrimack, NH. on 8/22/2014
Rating Perfect fit!
This is my first doxie, rescued when he was 10 years old! I knew it was difficult to fit them with harnesses and someone recommended this hug-a-dog. It's perfect! I love the fabric, it's quality constructed (feels like it was sewn with love). Took my little guy about a week to get used to it - think it was a little stiff at first so I washed it. Highly recommend! I was so pleased with this and my snap-a-dana, I just ordered a dream sack!
  Reviewed by:   from Virginia. on 9/24/2013
Rating Worth the wait!!
We have struggled all year to find a harness that properly fits our 1 yr. old 10lb. mini. I was a little hesitant about the design since it straps around her neck, but that is exactly what makes this fit correctly. Other harnesses would leave her chest and underarms red and irritated, but this one is perfect. I am now a believer...this is the only harness we will ever buy for our baby. I can't wait to buy different patterns for the holidays!!
  Reviewed by:   from Virginia. on 9/18/2013
Rating Best harnesses ever
I have been using these harnesses, coats, and jackets for 2 dachshunds for over a decade. They keep doxies safe and comfortable, and out vets LOVE these harnesses.
  Reviewed by:   from NJ. on 9/16/2013
Rating Hug a dog harness
I bought my puppy Moxie a hug a dog harness and it a wonderful product. It is well made and is a great fit. Moxie loves her new harness and will sit for me to put it on her.
  Reviewed by:   from Virginia Beach, VA. on 9/15/2013
Rating Holstein with red trim
I am thrilled with the harness for my smooth black and tan called Jeremy. He has many skin allergies and 'normal' leashes and harnesses chaff his skin but not this one - hurrah! Well worth the price and the shipping to Europe!!
  Reviewed by:   from The Netherlands. on 8/26/2013
Rating Pretty in Pink
I purchased a beautiful pink harness for my black and tan miniature dachshund, Annie. It has a bright yellow border, too! She looks absolutely adorable in it, and loves all the attention she gets when she wears it out. I love that it's so well made and comfortable for her. It fits perfectly, since it's custom made. This is the second hug-a-dog harness we've had made for her. The first one lasted over 7 years! It is an excellent product, and I highly recommend it for all dachshund owners.
  Reviewed by:   from Las Vegas. on 8/25/2013
Rating Mrs.
I am very happy with the Hug-A-Dog Harness. It fits my doxie very well and friends have commented that they would like one for cats.
  Reviewed by:   from Deming NM. on 8/6/2013