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Hold-A-Dog Harness® in Fabric & Mesh

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Hold-A-Dog Harness® in Fabric & Mesh
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This version of the Hug-A-Dog Harness® doubles as a seatbelt. Made with the mesh fabric of our regular harness with an added overlay of your choice of fabric. The same functional features of the mesh harness with added flair! Easy to put on with hook & loop closures (like Velcro®). No straps. No rubbing or choking. Transfers pulling pressure to chest area. Washable and dryable.
The "handle" is also convenient to help Greta shows the Hold-A-Dog handle steady handicapped pets or to hold a wiggly pooch.

Priced from $39.95-$81.95.

The Hug-A-Dog Harness® is not just for dachshunds -- we can fit ANY BREED!

CLICK HERE to see a gallery of photos from happy customers!
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    Reflective Tape
    Extra D-ring for pet's ID tags
    Embroidered Name and Phone #   
    Pocket (for ID, biz cards, $$, key, etc.)

All Hold-A-Dog Seatbelt Harnesses are custom-made. Because of the popularity of these harnesses, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Rating Hold a harness
This is the best harness I have ever had. My older Daucshund could not be kept in any other harness. She would just pool and slip out of everything and just sit and would not walk and she was terrible in the car. Now with this customer harness she is safe and comfortable. The design and the quality is excellent.I will definitely order another one for the colder weather
  Reviewed by:   from King of Prussia, PA. on 6/6/2018
Rating Hold a Dog Harness in Fabric and Mesh
The harness surpassed my expectations for my dachshund. It is escape proof, easy to put on and take off. Avoids strain on the neck as the clip is lower on the back. Product is very well made and the sizing was perfect for her. I would order another and recommend to friends.
  Reviewed by:   from CHATHAM. on 11/21/2017
Rating Ms
This has been one of the best purchases I have made. It fits perfectly and makes my dachshund and I both feel more secure. It is well made and let’s my girl look very stylish while out walking. She had a previous neck injury and this harness takes all the strain of any pulling she may do off her neck and back area. I am now going to order two more for my other dachshunds.
  Reviewed by:   from Arizona. on 10/25/2017
Rating Dachshund owner!!
My daughter first told me about the Hug-a-Dog harness a couple of years ago. She and her husband had one made when their Italian Greyhoud was around one, then, had another one made when he was going on four. They are fabulous harnesses, so I had one made for our 10 year old dachshund. I can't recommend them enough. The harnesses can be personalized and made just the way you want for any dog, from so many choices of materials, etc. I wish I could give this product 10 stars. Don't miss out on a wonderful and safe product for your precious pet!
  Reviewed by:   from Pleasant Hill, CA. on 9/3/2017
Rating Hold a dog harness
Love it and people crack up that my dog has a handle! It truly does come in handy and my Lucas looks very dapper in his zebra stripes! Thank you!
  Reviewed by:   from San Diego. on 6/7/2017
Rating Always Exceeds Expectations
This is the fifth harness I have ordered, the four previous wore out after a number of years. I am consistently amazed at the quality of the materials and the high degree of craftmanship. One feature I appreciate is that the harness is compatible with fleece coats, which are a must in Wisconsin in the winter.
  Reviewed by:   from Pewaukee, WI. on 5/21/2017
Rating Love the Harnesses
Ordered 5 harnesses, 2 for my dogs, 2 for my son's dogs and 1 for a friend. They are beautiful and exactly as expected. The fit is good and very secure. The quality is exceptional and I appreciate that. Thank you
  Reviewed by:   from Goodyear, AZ. on 2/4/2017
Rating Exceptional service and product
I highly recommend Hold-a-dog harness to all. It is perfect for doxies and all breeds. The service is beyond reproach and the quality of the product cannot be met. I love each one I've purchased for my fur loves.
  Reviewed by:   from Virginia . on 1/29/2017
Rating Love my harnesses!
I ordered two harnesses for my mini dachshunds. I have a little skinny guy and a typical deep chested, bigger guy. The harnesses fit each one perfectly, except the little guys neck is a little big, but with the clip closed, he's secure in it. Colors are gorgeous and I love their names on the harness. Couldn't be happier!
  Reviewed by:   from California. on 1/3/2017
Rating The BEST harness
My little doxie looks so sharp in her harness! It fits like a dream, is easy to put on and take off, keeps her safer clipped into her seat in the car, and in general keeps her more comfortable on her leash. This is a well made product and a very good company to deal with. I cannot recommend highly enough.
  Reviewed by:   from Goldsboro, NC. on 12/31/2016
Rating Best harness on the market!
I have purchased several of these harnesses through the years for my little dachshunds. The workmanship, quality and value cannot be matched. They are worth every penny! Thank you so much for your talent and quality construction!
  Reviewed by:   from Massachusetts. on 11/7/2016
Rating rescue poodle mix
Have been totally pleased with my orders as always. Have even ordered this for a rescue poodle mix grand dog Wonderful quality and fast service. Particularly love the way they are easy to put on the dogs.
  Reviewed by:   from United States. on 10/26/2016
Rating Bicontinental Dachshund
We love our new Hold-a-Dog Harness from Dachshund Delights. Thank you so much! The quality is fantastic, and the "handle" is a much-needed safety feature when walking in medieval towns in Europe or hiking on steep trails in the Swiss Alps. I try to carry extra Dachshund Delights cards to give out, because I receive so many questions about Tootsie's adorable doxie wear.
  Reviewed by:   from Lugano, Switzerland. on 10/23/2016
Rating Hug a dog harness
Recently bought our second hug-a-dog harness. I could not be happier! The fit and the quality are great!! Jayda loves to have her harness put on. Thank you for providing such a wonderful product. It is normally so hard to find something to fit a dachshund, but these are a perfect fit
  Reviewed by:   from West Burke, Vermont. on 8/31/2016
Rating wouldn't consider anything else
Have been using Hug a Dog Harness' for six dogs over several generations and wouldn't consider anything else. Everyone comments on them & ask where they can get them. We always have at least one Hold a Dog for each dog in the white mesh & add the reflective tape, our last name & phone number. That's our basic, then we add lined raincoats & other warmer items to layer to take us through the hot summer days & freezing winters. Every product we've ordered has been perfect. My one suggestion is if you purchase coats to go on top of the harness, add 1/2 inch on the measurements. Makes layering easier.
  Reviewed by:   from Texas. on 8/12/2016
Rating A Great Product
Our dogs have been wearing these harnesses for years. I am really happy with the selection of fabrics, fit, and the options for a name and phone number to be embroidered as well as adding reflective tape. Great job, as usual!
  Reviewed by:   from Reston. on 8/10/2016
Rating perfect-fitting harness for dachshunds
I've been using Hold-A-Dog harnesses for my dachshunds for nearly ten years, after they were recommended to me by another dachshund owner. This is the perfect harness for our hard-to-fit breed, and it comes in a wonderful variety of colors to suit everyone's style. The seat-belt loop is a nice added touch for dogs who don't like to be in a crate when in the car. We adopt rescued senior dachshunds,and the first gift we buy them when they join our family is a new Hold-A-Dog harness! I would gladly give a five-star rating if genuine Velcro brand closures were used. Real Velcro would eliminate the annoying fuzziness that tends to develop on most of these harnesses.
  Reviewed by:   from Cape Cod, MA. on 2/27/2016
Rating Hug a dog harness in Fabric and mesh
I wanted to say how happy i am with these harnesses I purchased two of them for both of my mini doxies and we LOVE them. They wear them in the car and we used them on our first walk this year and worked wonderful so happy we got them. Thanks again so much!!!!
  Reviewed by:   from Waterloo. on 2/25/2016
Rating We adore these harnesses
we encourage all our adopters to use these harnesses with seat belt loop...falling off the seat during a quick brake or accident can seriously damage your dog's back among other things
  Reviewed by:   from Los Angeles. on 2/18/2016
Rating Hold-A-Dog Harness in Fabric Mesh
The harness fits my dog perfectly and she seems very comfortable wearing it. It is very well made. I highly recommend it.
  Reviewed by:   from CT. on 1/24/2016
Rating Hold-A-Dog Harness in Fabric & Mesh
I wish I would have found this site sooner with all the money I have spent trying to find a harness for my doxie. We love it she does not look miserable anymore lol. Just got a doxie puppy will be reaching out to order him one soon also. thank you so much
  Reviewed by:   from Howell NJ. on 11/19/2015
Rating Personality Changer
Loved this design--my shy doxie looks edgy and fierce in this harness. Lola is on the chesty side and this is the only harness that doesn't rub.
  Reviewed by:   from Safety Harbor, FL. on 4/10/2015
Rating Best Harness Ever!
I bought this harness for my dachshund 7 years ago, since now I have two for each of my dogs: My mini dachshund, beagle, and foster beagle. I love that you can design your own harness custom for your dog and the seatbelt handle at the top comes in handy.. Two of my dogs are escape artists and if they ever get away, they are gone (beagles) and this is the only harness I feel that they are secure in and can't get out of!
  Reviewed by:   from New Orleans, La. on 4/2/2015
Rating The best harnesses, just what we need for our active boy
We have a Male Dachshund who is just over 2 years old, he loves to run and jump which is so bad for his back. We purchased the Hold a Dog Harness and we love it! It is so well made, and helps to control him without straining his back and neck. Since he is a 19 lb tweenie, almost a standard, he is quite large, thin and quick. It is great that we can order exactly the size he needs. It is hard to find harnesses that really fit, as he had a very large rib cage and a smaller neck...since Dachshunds have such a unique shape, it can be difficult to find a harness that really fits...these are perfect! The Hold A Dog Harness is our favorite as we like to use as we run the seatbelt through the loop and it keeps him safe and sound, and he can't get into things or explore while we are in the car. It also is helpful to hold onto him should another dog come around and they get too excited. We have purchased these harnesses for our last Dachshund, sho has since passed away, They are so well made! Since hers would not fit our boy, we passed them onto another liittle sweetheart, we even sent a couple back on the trade in program. They hold up very well and wash well too. Quite the fashion statement! We get many comments on these harnesses. It is great that we get to choose the look and style. They wash well and hold up to wear and tear and last for years. He likes his harnesses, we have a Hold a Dog harmess for when it is hot, or when we are going somewhere like the beach...that might otherwise trap sand and water, which would be abrasive to him.
  Reviewed by:   from Oregon. on 3/25/2015
Rating Hold-A-Dog's Are Great!
I've used Hold-A-Dog and Hug-A-Dog harnesses for over 15 years now and they are the best! I still have the original set that I bought back in the 90's and they are still good. Great construction. They are very sturdy and I've never had a dog get out of one and get loose accidently. All in all, I think they are a great value!
  Reviewed by:   from Houston, TX. on 3/21/2015
Rating Hug-a-Dog harness
I ordered the hold-a-dog harness as I have in the past, and as always the item is impeccably sewn and fits my Dachshund like a dream. I am able to fasten her into the seat of my car quite easily as well. I would like to say that the seamstresses at the company work very closely with the customers-I had follow up for a note I left to ensure the harness was sewn for proper fit.
  Reviewed by:   from East Windsor. on 3/18/2015
Rating The Hug-A-Dog Harness is Totally Fantastic!
This harness is the best for a dachshund. I used to use Cloak and Dawggie brand doxie harnesses, so when they went out of business I didn't know what I would do about the doggie's clothes! The Hug-A-Dog Harness is just perfect. It leaves their chest open and pulls only on their clavicle. The colors are beautiful- the trim on my dog's is a lovely violet, and the fabric is vibrant and wonderfully added to the harness. Additionally, I purchased reflective tape on the harness- it is very subtle and not offensive to the eye at all. It is placed on the rim of the piece that the Velcro is on. The embroidery done is spot-on, and they are wonderful about exchanges (I would measure a bit off the first time). The seatbelt feature works nicely as well- it allows them room to move, but not enough to travel the cabin. It is a good training tool for car rides (you know how they love the lap!). This harness is beautiful, durable, functional, and good for the shape of the doxie. It's great to receive handmade items- especially when they have this kind of quality. You also have the reassurance of being able to send it in for repairs if you are interested in keeping it long-term. Overall, I couldn't be happier with this custom-made harness, and my dog gets to look fancy to boot!
  Reviewed by:   from San Bruno. on 3/17/2015
Rating Hug-A-Dog Harness
LOVE this harness. They are made so well and I feel very confident that my baby won't be getting out of it as it fits him perfectly! This is my second harness I have purchased. They are made so well that the last one I had for over 11 years and the harness is still good it is the material that was wearing out!!! Will never use anything else!
  Reviewed by:   from San Diego, CA. on 3/6/2015
Rating Love these Hold-a-Dog Harnesses!
We have 3 of these now: our male dachshund has one, and our female now has her second. I suspect now the male will want another! The look great, and the dogs are quite comfortable in them. Being in the car with the seatbelt through the harness is so much better and safer, not to mention calmer, for them as well as for us. I will say that using the fabrics with a black background and vivid colors looks better longer than the pale fabrics which show dirt so much sooner. And of course when you are washing them, you will wish you had another harness. Thank you for making these, and for making them so well!
  Reviewed by:   from Christiansburg, VA. on 11/30/2014
Rating harness with safety belt loop
PapaMJ is proud to walk with his new harness. The ability to snug it on is great for him as he is learning to overcome shyness and fear. Thanks for another great product (not our first Hug a Dog).
  Reviewed by:   from california. on 9/28/2014
Rating Adorable Harness is Fraying
Harness is adorable and the material is light and seems comfortable. They fit my doxie perfectly, which with their short legs can be hard to find. We have received many compliments on the harnesses, and we enjoy them due to the extra amount of control it gives us when we walk them. My only concern is after only a week of having it, the harness strap on the back is fraying. We hope the fraying stops and that longevity is not an issue with the harness.
  Reviewed by:   from Cordova, TN. on 9/27/2014
Rating The harness that works
Ever tried to fit a doxie harness? Their shape does't work with other commericial products. This is a good product and worth the money. My sweet Carolina is a therapy dog and works in schools with me several days a week. This means lots of car rides and now I know she is safe. I used this company previosly with another dog. I have always had good results.
  Reviewed by:   from Beaufort,SC. on 9/23/2014
Rating Great harness!
I love the amount of colours and fabrics available to choose from! The harness is great quality, my doxie loves it :) Great service, will definitely buy from here again!
  Reviewed by:   from USA. on 9/10/2014
Rating Amazing Quality!
I got one for each of my weiner dogs, and they love them as much as I do. The fit is perfect, and the quality is fabulous. I use the handle on the Hold-a-Dog Harness to control and lift my dogs into and out of the crate in the back of my SUV. The dogs get extremely excited and jump like jumping beans when the trunk door opens, so I *need* the handles to hoist them securely to avoid injury to me and to them. Previously, I've gotten all scratched up, and had my face bonked by their jumping. Can't live with the Hold-A-Dog Harnesses.
  Reviewed by:   from Princeton, NJ. on 9/1/2014
Rating Love these!
We've been getting hug-a-dog harnesses ever since we adopted our two crazy dachshunds over 8 years ago. We love how easy they are to put on and take off. The extra "handle" on the back is great when they go in the car -- the shoulder harness slips right through and keeps them restrained. The reflective tape is especially nice when we're walking them either before sunrise or after sundown. Plus they come in such a wide variety of patterns and colors! Our boy has a very strong hunting instinct, so he's a rough on the harness (what with the crashing through bushes and climbing trees after squirrels), but they wear great.
  Reviewed by:   from California. on 8/22/2014
Rating Love, Love, Love these Harnesses
Since 1996, we have had Hold-A-Dog Harnesses. They are made with love, exceptional care, and expert hands. If someone uses a product for almost 18 years with 6 of their last 6 doxies there is an established trust factor of the quality and character of the product that will be received and Dachshund Delights has NEVER failed to keep that trust.
  Reviewed by:   from Newport News, VA. on 8/28/2013
Rating Cute harness
This is my second hug a dog harness and Maggy Mae loves them!! They are made exceptionally well and in the USA!! The choice of colors is great and I will be ordering more as the weather gets colder here. The fit is great too and she walks much better on the leash. Any one who has a Doxie should have the harness, they are wonderful!!.
  Reviewed by:   from Wisconsin. on 8/1/2013

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